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My name is Scott Nichols and I am a very green photographer, desiring to be half as talented as some of the bloggers at DPS or Photographers at National Geographic. The truth be told, the photographers at NG will take more than 10 times more pictures on one story than I have in a life time… yet.

National Geographic staff photographer Mark Thiessen said, “during seven weeks of shooting my recent story on wildfires, published in July 2008, I shot 12,000 images.”

I’m sure these individuals are talented because they are devoted in educating themselves up to their necks, leaving just enough room to hold a camera above the knowledge, to snap an amazing picture. But, I would be willing to say that they gained most of their skills by practicing.

That’s why I started this project, to practice to become a better photographer. Not just a better portrait photographer or landscape photographer. A better photographer in every category. I can’t do a photo a day due to work and family, but I can plan ideas during the week and shoot them all on the weekend. You can argue that that’s intuitive, or counter intuitive, trying to think what the shot looks like before the shot has been taken. Busy schedule require busy minds, and it gets pretty busy in there when your border line ADHD and you sit in a cubical all day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and articles as we pass through 2012. I hope to show in the upcoming year how well practice and applying techniques will translate into better pictures.

***Images, writings and graphics created by Scott B. Nichols are the copyrighted work of Scott B. Nichols, of Winterville, North Carolina, USA


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  1. Hello. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog posts. Your pictures look good. On your quote above, one thing that I read previously, and was also told by a photography hobbyist many years ago, was that out of the hundreds of pictures that you take, only a handful will come out looking like the ‘money shot’, i.e. the absolute best one of the lot. Of course, when we were shooting film in those days, we would not know until the film was developed how the shot came out. But I think that it still holds true even in this digital age, when you can take hundreds of photos in one shooting and not have to worry about the expense of developing film, that while you’ll take a lot of good shots, only one or a handful will be ‘the’ shot. Plus it doesn’t hurt that you’ll see it right away on your camera screen!
    good luck!

  2. Thanks. I’m glad we moved past the film era, even though some people enjoy film today. I’m much more of an instant gratification guy and I am usually to impatient, therefore digital photography is perfect for me. If you only knew how many pictures I had to take to get one decent photo the first month after I got my camera you would get a pretty good laugh. I guess the best way to describe my progression at this point, is I’m off the auto settings. Although, I still have a lot to learn. Thanks again for the kind words and I look forward to more of your post.

  3. Wow, you are my newest idol! Your photos are beautiful. I hope one day, I will get better and better just like you. Keep it up!

  4. You look a lot like my brother who is also an ameteur photographer!
    I think you already know the key for getting that great shot. Think of how many shots ended up in the NG article, divide by the 12,000 Mark Thiessen took and that’s a professional’s ‘great shot’ ratio!!!

    Have fun!

    • He must be a hansom guy then, just kidding. On the weekends I probably snap off about 300 shots in a day. I have recently been trying to think about the shot more and shoot less, but I still think I learn more by click, view, and adjust at this point. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words.

  5. Hi Scott! Thanks for visiting my blog “Eyes to Heart” and liking “The White House …” … Your photography is beautiful. Move with the passion of it, practice and share it with the world. And, most importantly, enjoy nurturing your beautiful daughter. She will thank you for it. … Be well, Dorothy πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Scott,

    Your pics are lovely. The textures and colors you captured in the Civil War series are particularly interesting and I enjoyed reading your more thoughtful writings on the nature of Spirit. Keep up the great work and thanks for visiting my site today!

    Best, Glendene

  7. Your photos are great! I am also working on my photography skills, but only to help showcase my food blog – I don’t have that sort of artistic talent that you obviously have. Congrats on being a new dad too! We just celebrated our daughter’s first birthday! If you’re ever looking for some food fixin’ tips, I try to post recipes that make adults and babies (or at least my daughter) happy!

    • Photography is exciting and more exciting today since we can share something so meaningful to us, via internet. I have been working on a friends website that has started a catering business on the side, and food photography is next on my list of things to try. My shots will be much more simpler than your because I am not a cook. I actually really stink at cooking but I do enjoy eating. I once tried to make a pound cake and forgot to add vanilla and basically made bread, do I need to say anymore lol. I suppose that’s a good reason to follow your blog :D. Congrats to you on the celebration on your daughter’s first birthday. Please tell me the anxiety of being a parent gets better. My wife and I slept by the crib the first month on the floor because we were scared to death of something happening to our baby. While we now upgraded to the coach we still wish we could put that little booger in a bubble. Thanks for your kind words and hope you enjoy future posts.

      • Haha – I think that’s just parenthood! You always worry! My husband worries more so than I do, but I have a feeling we will worry about her until she’s 99 years old. But it is a blessing – I love every minute of it and as much as I am sad that a year has already gone by, I’m so excited to see how she grows up!

  8. thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I’ve already looked at some of your photos, and you are no “green: photographer. Your shots are superb. Thanks for sharing.
    looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  9. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award because you two are awesome! Click here for more info πŸ™‚ I love your blog!

  10. Thanks marissafh. That was a very lovely and thoughtful of you to nominate me (pun intended).

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